Industrial Projects

Many of our industrial clients have significant “in house” capabilities to handle routine repair and rehabilitation projects. However, when a project’s size or complexity demands additional resources, Fairbanks Mill is ready to assist. FM has been involved with several major projects at EHV-Weidmann Industries, Fairbanks Scales, Burke Lumber, and several paper mills in the region.

Machine Foundations – New Board Cutter

This very complex industrial machine project required a series of reinforced concrete foundations to be completed within a very tight schedule. Fairbanks Mill committed to the job and then proceeded to deliver the project in the six week time slot, with two days to spare. As the machine was manufactured in Austria, all project layout and sizing dimensions were metric.

Reinforced Concrete Tank Vault – Fuel Oil Tank Vault

Conversion from No. 2 to No. 4 fuel oil represented significant financial benefit to the owner but could not be accomplished until this new tank / vault system were completed. Fairbanks Mill used its computerized scheduling software to plan out the entire project and identify the “critical path” activities. Once identified, the critical items, which included structural design, rebar fabrication, and tank procurement, were given special priority.

Switchyard Foundations – Capacitor Foundation

Fairbanks Mill was selected to install the concrete foundations for a new capacitor assembly at this 20 megawatt wood chip facility. Safety was paramount as this work was performed within the existing high voltage switchyard. In order to minimize downtime, the concrete formwork and reinforcing steel cages were prefabricated at the FM shop. At the site, these prefabricated assemblies were set using a small excavator.