Fairbanks Mill provides services in direct response to the needs of our clients. With over thirty years of experience, the skill sets inherent in many of these services have been honed and refined to “top shelf” status in their respective fields. As good as each of these individual services are, bringing the various services together in a seamless blend of project delivery is what differentiates Fairbanks Mill’s approach.


Plan your work, work your plan. Fairbanks Mill can assist in project planning, scheduling, and cost estimating. We are familiar with the permitting process, at local, state, and federal levels. We routinely work with the very best design engineers in the industry and can incorporate their services into a comprehensive design-build package that will assure your project of a surefooted start on the road to success.


Out with the old, in with the new. Of all of the sectors we operate in, demolition is one of the most demanding. Lacking in glamour, it requires an uncommon toughness of both men and equipment. Equipment removal, bulk demolition of concrete and rock, concrete coring and sawing, steel cutting and salvage are many times the basic and necessary first steps in preparing for a new project. With broad experience in the many aspects of demolition, Fairbanks Mill can provide you with the most cost effective and efficient solution to your particular challenge.

Site Work

Fairbanks Mill is routinely called upon to perform sitework on very constricted sites, often with complicating issues such as existing structures, underground utilities, steep slopes, and proximity to water. Although we handle small projects “in-house”, we most often will partner with select sitework contractors to assure the best match between the project requirements and available machines and operators.


Quite simply, the concrete capabilities of Fairbanks Mill are second to none. Complex formwork, complicated reinforcement, off-rock forming, suspended slabwork, and exotic mix designs are routinely handled. For the bulk of our projects, the Symons Steel-Ply system is used, providing maximum versatility and efficiency.


Fairbanks Mill welders are familiar with all aspects of cutting, fitting, welding, and fabricating. We hold current certifications for both AWS and ASME Pressure Vessel standards. Fully equipped for both field and shop operations, our shop is equipped with a 12 ton overhead crane for large repair or steel fabrication projects.


Recent years have seen a significant increase in demand for the installation, assembly, and alignment of hydro turbine / generators and other equipment. Fairbanks Mill works with several manufacturers of hydro equipment on their new installations. In addition, we work directly for plant owners refurbishing, repairing, and rebuilding existing units. The careful and methodic installation and alignment of these machines is essential to their long term viability.


Although not licensed electricians, our technicians are very familiar with the specialized electrical and mechanical systems inherent in generating stations as well as other industrial and commercial applications. In many instances, Fairbanks Mill. will be the lead contractor for the installation or refurbishment of auxiliary systems such as trash rakes, inflatable flashboards, pneumatic blasters, governor upgrades, control systems, and interconnection equipment.


The safe and efficient movement of materials and equipment is a key element of all that we do. Whether it is hoisting, jacking, or rolling, our crews are intimately familiar with the equipment and procedures that insure a favorable outcome. Our long term relationship with the best crane companies across New England and beyond assure that your project will be provided with the right equipment, the right personnel, and the right know how for your particular needs.


Fairbanks Mill has a very productive and long term relationship with several premier commercial dive companies. As needed, these dive companies can be brought onto a project to seamlessly blend our top-side capabilities to the underwater environment. Cutting, welding, drilling, concrete, and rigging are all routinely performed. First time observers are often surprised by the versatility and efficiency or our underwater operations.

Field Services

  • Intake Structures
  • Gates and Screens
  • Spillways
  • Penstock
  • Roadways and Bridge Repair
  • Gantries (cranes)
  • Water Convenience Systems