Hydro Projects

Quite simply, Fairbanks Mill’s experience in the hydro power industry in New England is unmatched. We have worn many hats [(developer, constructor, owner, operator)], we have seen many sites, we have worked for many clients, we have worked with many subs and suppliers, and we have delivered many projects. We have also been humbled by the raw power of water unleashed and many lessons learned.


Although construction of new dams is obviously limited in today’s world, many existing dams require repairs, upgrades, and modifications. Fairbanks Mill has provided many of these improvements which increase operator safety, reduce labor costs, and / or increase kilowatt-hour production.


Intake projects include trashracks, head gates, trash rakes, and trash “blasters”. When ever possible, the opinions of the plant operator should be adequately considered as they are in the unique position of observing the intake operation firsthand.


Fairbanks Mill has worked on a wide range of penstock sizes and materials, from 12 inch diameter plastic up to a 15 foot diameter steel monster. Vertical, horizontal, and combined fabricated bends are routinely handled.


Fairbanks Mill has been involved in several “ground up” powerhouse construction projects. However, there more often exists a need to adapt an existing facility to new generating equipment. A typical adaptation project involves significant demolition work, steel reinforcement, concrete formwork, and structural steel.


Whether you consider installation of new equipment, repairs to old equipment, or a total refurbishment project, Fairbanks Mill has the experience to get the job done. We have excellent working relationships with various repair shops in the region and several equipment suppliers from around the globe. This gives us an unmatched ability to get the absolute best solution to your specific equipment problem.


In response to the needs of our clients to cost effectively maintain their aging plants, Fairbanks Mill has developed several innovative techniques for the “in the wet” repairs to tailrace concrete walls, support structures, and replacement of deteriorated draft tubes. Significant cost savings can be achieved if the installation of a coffer dam can be avoided.

Regulatory Enhancements

Like it or not, today’s tightly regulated environment has resulted in many enhancement projects including fish passages, minimum flow release structures, canoe portages, and public access and recreational improvements. Fairbanks Mill has been a key player in many of these projects. Early FM involvement can often result in an experienced based collaborative discussion with regulatory agencies that may result in cost savings, design improvements, and reduced operational impacts.